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A new look to my website and more!

  • 2021 was definitely a very unusual time for MCM, with the whole world shutting down, it was hard to navigate the direction of the business. With events cancelled and seeing many small businesses close, one could only think of gloom and doom. A tough year for many small businesses like myself. BUT, with all this in mind , I never gave up! SO here I am sharing some of my big wins in 2021. The year gave me the opportunity to start designing my own fabrics and many of you do not know, but I am an artist too,, I started to incorporate my artistic skills into materials for the hats.
    2021 also saw :
  • A New Website Launch
    I was able to offer a much-improved shopping experience for my customers by launching a new website.
    Now you can search by the drop down menu in the Shop Collection section where I have listed all the items I sell.
  • Top Launches
    The Small accessories section bloomed. This includes jewelry like earrings and brooches as well as some scarves that are from my art and unique one of a kind purses.