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30 Years of Hat Magic

30 Years of Hat Magic: Renowned Designer Unveils Exclusive Pop-Up Show in Inglewood.

Calgary, AB – Renowned milliner Maria Curcic is thrilled to announce the celebration of 30 years of exquisite hat designs with a pop-up show and sale at 1221B 9th Ave SE in Inglewood on Saturday, June 1st, 2024, from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Murphy’s Mid-Century, a small creative studio and showroom is recognized for their focus on modern design home furnishings from the 1950’s and 60’s. With a great appreciation of craftsmanship and style, the proprietors are perfectly suited to host a show by one of Canada’s top fashion milliners, in the same building that 30 years ago welcomed Le Chapeau Rouge, Maria’s original hat store.

“This event is more than just a showcase of hats; it’s a celebration of three decades of passion, dedication, and creativity,” says Maria. “I’m thrilled at the prospect of this collaboration with Murphy’s Mid-Century, on the site where I first began my artistic journey. This marks a significant milestone for my brand, and I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than with the vibrant community here in Calgary!

The pop-up show will feature a dazzling array of hats and fascinators, each meticulously crafted by Maria, reflecting her signature style and vision. People not familiar with Maria’s work can go to to see many of her creations. On Saturday June 1, Maria will be accepting all Canadian transactions at par with the $US listed prices. 

The event is open to the public, welcoming fashion enthusiasts, art aficionados, and anyone with a passion for creativity and style in fashion or furniture. Whether you’re a long-time admirer of Maria’s work or simply looking to experience something new, the 30th-anniversary pop-up show promises to be an unforgettable experience.

Don’t miss your chance to be part of this milestone celebration. Join Maria and Murphy’s Mid-Century and experience the magic of hat design on June 1st, 2024.

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2024 marks 30 years!

As 2024 unfolds, it carries with it a weight of significance for me, marking three decades since I first opened the doors to my humble shop in the heart of Calgary, Alberta. Prior to that milestone, my hands were busy crafting hats for various boutiques, each stitch a testament to my dedication and love for the art. And now, as this pivotal year dawns upon me, I find myself overcome with a mix of emotions as I make a heartfelt decision to embark on a new chapter in my life.

With a warmth that fills my soul, I’ve chosen to embrace a semi-retirement. Yet, rest assured, my journey is far from over. I remain committed to seeing through the projects I’ve initiated, pouring my energy into my artwork and ventures that await. Three decades of sheer bliss, of weaving dreams into tangible elegance through the creation of beautiful hats and headpieces, have left an indelible mark on my spirit.

Though my passion for the world of headwear still burns brightly, I recognize the need for a shift in focus.  I will continue to teach online  as well as in private in groups of  2 or more and do small pop-up shows in various locations.

For those who have adorned themselves with my designs over the years, fret not. Your access to my work remains unhindered, as I take to digitizing my portfolio and offerings, making them available for purchase online or at my pop-ups. To my cherished retailers, I extend the same courtesy, ensuring that my creations reach those who seek them, regardless of distance.

To each and every individual who has shared in this remarkable journey of creativity, I extend my deepest gratitude. Your support, your encouragement, has been the driving force behind every stitch, every design.

In the months to come, I invite you to peruse my website and check out my po-ups. To all who have walked alongside me, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Here’s to new beginnings, and to the memories that shall forever be woven into the fabric of my being. Maria


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TImeless headwear – Fall 2023 collection of hats

I have been making hats for almost 30 years and next year marks 30 years! I opened my shop in Inglewood and then moved to 17 Ave. SW. This upcoming pop-up show will be a small collection on my Fall/Winter. For those of you who go to DJD events, I have been donating hats to them for well over 15 years so some of you probably know my name! I am a huge supporter of the arts! So join me for this one day show in a cute little coffee shop…called Coffee Cats. Hope to see you!

TImeless headwear – Fall 2023 collection of hats – Maria Curcic Millinery. Style it up this Fall season with a unique hat, cap or fascinator. Maria Curcic, the designer behind the label has been Designing hats and headpieces since 1985. This is a small showcase of these unique pieces for one day only.

Thanks to all that attended!

Saturday Sept. 9/23 – 12:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Coffee Cats Calgary – 2765 17 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T3E 6K8

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Art by Design- ART SEA ART GALLERY SIDNEY BC MAY 19-25, 2023

As a visual and audio artist, my work is meant to entertain the viewer’s senses. Not only do I enjoy experimenting with colour and texture, I aspire to infuse a sense of wonder and curiosity in my work, while respecting principles of colour and spatial composition. My headpieces and accessories are three-dimensional extensions into the realm of design, while my love for music captures the fourth dimension of time.

A graduate of the Alberta College of Art and Design (1988), my mediums include oil and acrylics on canvas, with a focus on abstracts and cityscapes. Known for the colour and vibrancy of my work, I am continually exploring new directions to express my visions. My works are included in the collection of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, and in corporate and private collections in Canada, the United States and Europe. You can see more pieces and past works at .

Paris born, with a strong European appreciation for fashion, art and style, Maria began creating hats for high end boutiques in Canada and the U.S. in the early 1990’s. The popularity of her designs led to the opening of her own store, Le Chapeau Rouge, in Calgary in 1994. She shifted her attention to wholesale in the late 1990’s, providing hats to over 15 stores across Canada and the U.S. Today, Maria focuses her attention on custom creations, from everyday wear to hats for any occasion. You can find her creations online at

In music, one discovers beats and rhythms that blend and intertwine to create their own work of art. I produce a weekly radio program (Mary’s Web – ) and operate this long-running experimental radio station. My alter-ego, DJ Mary Flavors is fully equipped for sound and available for private functions and special events.

The latest story!

Milliner magic takes over Sidney gallery

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Fascinator classes – NOW Booking into 2024!

Fascinator classes

$130.00 USD per student for year 2024. This Includes some very basic materials to get you started for this class, you will be provided with a list of materials you must purchase for your online class. Price reflects materials and class time. Classes are filling up so book yours today!

Explore basic millinery techniques that will enable you to create a fascinator.  If you can sew on a button, you can make a fascinator and headpiece.  Understand the fundamentals of composition and balance as related to headpieces.  Discover millinery materials and techniques to manipulate fabrics and trims.  Create your own trims from feathers, fabrics and specialty millinery materials.  Work with hat elastics for this specific class.

The BASIC Materials will be mailed out to you few weeks prior to the class with a list of materials you must purchase.  Maria sources her supplies from the UK and USA, primarily, and has a lovely selection to choose from.  Please feel free to use any extra trims you want to adorn your work with.  This may include vintage buttons, lace, rhinestone brooches and so on.  If you wish to match up an outfit, please bring a swatch of it.

At the end of this class you will have a beautiful creation! THIS IS A BEGINNER class.

What you need for this class:

  • scissors (smaller with about a 2-3 inch blades as you will be working with smaller trimmings)
  • Fascinator class materials ( once you have paid for the class )
  • Needle and thread to match ( as close as you can)
  • Extra trims and materials you may want to add
  • styrofoam head ( Pls contact me on what you need to get)

This is a wonderful workshop for anyone wanting to get ready for wedding season or any special occasion, or just an excuse to make a special occasion fun accessory. You will learn some fun things in this class!

NOW BOOKING CLASSES!  Class runs One on one or group of 3 max. on scheduled dates. Once you have paid for your class we will contact you with available dates and a LINK to get online or in person ( if you are in the Victoria BC area).

1-3 students MAX,  Includes the basic MATERIALS FOR THE CLASS ( a base, elastic, some fabric or your can use your own. Each student will get a different color base with some fabric and some scrap trims)  COST IS  $130.00 USD  (includes taxes and shipping materials to students outside of the Victoria BC area). If you need to re-schedule please contact me as there will be no refunds, but I do allow you to re-schedule.
Class runs UP TO 3 hours.
If you are in The USA  and want to take my class we can use various online ways to do so. Please contact me first. Book with a friend if you live here!


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A BIG Thank you!

A BIG thank you to all who attended the  YW Calgary event at the Deane House on June 22nd ( see my previous post!)as well as my trunk show at Durand Bridal! YOu can now purchase my work there. A reminder :  Bridal Expo – Sunday, October 23rd, 2022 – Calgary TELUS Convention Centre

Durand will be showcasing some pieces in their collection. Check it out! I will be back soon again with another trunk show in 2023, if you want to be on the list for Calgary or other cities please contact me. Thanks! Maria

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Get Fascinated!

With so much going on these days, how do you keep up? Easy, you first go support the YW Calgary at the Deane House on June 22nd ( see my previous post!), THEN you come to my trunk show on June 25th at Durand Bridal!

Get Tickets here ( its free, but if you bring in your ticket you get a gift with your purchase )

A one day trunk show featuring fascinators and headpieces by Maria Curcic Millinery. Maria has been designing hats, headpieces and small accessories since 1985. Maria custom makes as well, for more info visit

hat by @hatgoddess, neckalce set by @mirrormirrorbijoux, dress by @cherry_velvety, model: @krissycolours


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Rosé and Croquet 2022 at the Deane House Calgary in support of the YW

Hello friends, now that covid restrictions have been lifted in many places and we can be outside more, I have decided to once again help sponsor the Rosé and Croquet event at the Deane House in Calgary. Here are some details about the event, click the link:

If you want to style it up and look fabulous, why not do so with a unique headpiece/fascinator? I will be donating  25% of all online sales for this event from my webpage to

All my hats are handmade by me and only by me, sadly I have no minions to help me do all the hand sewing that I do! If you are interested in something unique, feel free to contact me. Help make this event amazing by showing your support and get yourself some tickets here!


All hats must be purchased by June 9th to allow shipping time.

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Back in the day

Back in the day: When I started my store in 1994, it was the most exciting thing ever. I began  with a concept and with a background in Interior Design, I wanted to make something special. I wanted a Cute little boutique with flare! So in 1994 I opened my shop in Inglewood in Calgary. My little hat store of its kind in years. I heard that there was once a hat shop ( women’s) back in the day, of course before my time! In those years to follow, I then moved to 17 AVE S.W., to which I began wholesaling my hats and fascinators to many boutiques across Canada and the US. This led to me closing my shop and moving forward with the production end of things.  After having a retail shop for 4 years, it was time to work from home and focus on the business from that point on. Over the years, I did pop-up shows in various venues across Calgary and in other cities. All the hats and headpieces were all produced by me and only me, no mass production involved. I really wanted to offer affordable and beautiful works of art to women who wanted something not made overseas. During this time I donated to many charities in Calgary and produced my own events with live music and silent auctions. To this day I still donate to charities by donating my hats and art to help those in need. I wanted to share this fun video we did with Shaw tv back in 2006, titled” hats off by Lara Hurrell Maria Curcic 2006 SHAW CALGARY”

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Bridgerton style all the way!

Who doesn’t love period shows? I know I do, I love the fabrics and the trims, I love the styles and the embellishments. Everything is like eating fine chocolate or drinking good champagne! The costuming on Bridgerton is divine! I love the top hats and all the headpieces in this show. I am just a fan of all period shows. The Great is also another one full of inspiring headpieces, the feathers, the lace and the beading. I wish I was part of this whole costuming series, but soon! If you are looking for something  Bridgerton styled then have a look at some of these hats and fascinators. You can style these up with all sorts of flouncy dresses and more! So have fun coming up with your own personal style and get inspired by some of these cool shows!

pink racing hat