• Save the date! May 6th

  • Host a hat party!

    Maria Curcic Millinery presents " Home Hat Parties ". An event you can host at your leisure. Features handmade hats and accessories as well as custom items designed by Maria Curcic. A great way to get together for any special occasion. To host a hat party please contact Maria for more details. Available in the greater Victoria only ( until further notice). Host yours today! 
    ( I have been producing hat shows and hat parties since the 1990's!)

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    Thank you to everyone who came to my first ever hat show and sale in Victoria BC! Was a wonderful evening! Thanks to La Roux as well hosting the event! ( Photo by Vicki). I look forward to next year!

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  • Ladies hats and headpieces - A show and sale

    I have been busy creating new works for my upcoming show at La Roux Patisserie in Victoria BC.
    It will feature some of my unique one of a kind headpieces for the holiday season as well as many other unique items for purchase!
    It will also feature pieces not on the website!  This is a ONE NIGHT ONLY event!
    Thursday Nov. 24th 2016
    6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
    15% off all tagged prices (one night  only)


    Model : Emily Hatlelid ( Owner/Pastry Goddess)

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  • "Deighton Cup incentive"

    With the Deighton cup only a week away, we are looking forward to seeing a flash of style and class, reminiscent of the days before shredded jeans, flip flops and yoga wear. Need more incentive to attend? Please drop by my booth in the vendors section, sign up ( provide your email to receive notice of future promotions, sales and events) and you will be entered to win this beautiful headpiece. We will draw from all entrants at around 4:00 pm and the winner can take this home to wear at their next fashion outing!
     See hat link  here

    This hat is truly a work of art, an expression of nature and its beauty, the colours of summer and floral design.The story behind this headpiece is unique as the petals came from a store that used to be located in Montreal back in the 1950’s. I was in Montreal back in the early 1990’s where I met a costume designer who's grandmother owned a hat store. when she passed away she left this gal the inventory. She took me to the warehouse where I felt overwhelmed by the vintage trims. I decided to purchase 9 boxes ,each about about 25 inches square of vintage trims, which I used mostly for my hats. Most of those trims are gone now with very few left in my inventory. I was using vintage trims before the trend to use these trim hit the market. Back then there were many to be found, now,sadly, not so much. This headpiece was designed with the “vintage” feel in mind as well as incorporating trims long gone from the market. This hat is special in that the petals had a story to be shared. Most of my work has a story and that is what makes creativity unique.

    This headpiece will be at my table at the Deighton Cup. I will be wandering the grounds and celebrating the experience of my first Deighton Cup, but will be dropping by booth from time to time to visit and say hello. My products are always available online.
    You can also follow me on social media channels from my website as well.
    I hope to see you on July 16th and best of luck to all the horses in this race!

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  • “Styling tips for the Deighton Cup and other Horse races”

    Style begins at the core. It is a lifestyle. The way you dress, your attitude, and the way you present yourself to the rest of the world begins at the core, your core.

    Style can no longer rely entirely on designer labels, in this era where personal tastes and accepted behavior encompass an ever-broadening spectrum.

    So how does one stand out?

    The Deighton Cup is an exciting event for Vancouver that celebrates the fun side of glamour and style.  It evokes fond memories of times gone by, and creates new memories for the future to come.  The Style Stakes at the Deighton Cup represents one of the true fashion events of western Canada.
    Here are a few simple guidelines to help you successfully compete in this year’s Style Stakes.   

    First, put yourself in the right frame of mind.  Think old Hollywood, in the 1940’s and 1950’s where elegance and glamour reigned. Then consider the Royal Ascot where actual dress rules still apply, many for good reason.

    Dresses to be cut just at the knee or just a little above the knee.  No go-go dancing here ladies, this is an elegant event not a disco.

    Dresses with a wider strap, not spaghetti straps, halter tops or tank tops dresses, no matter how hot it is…

    If the weather is cooler then bring a light jacket or a pashmina to complement your dress, not another jean jacket

    Pants are suitable but need to complement the rest of the outfit.

    A hat or headpiece is a must.  If you choose simply a headpiece, the, suggested size of your base is about 4 inches. Worn in any manner you wish

    Comfort, comfort, comfort. If you are not used to wearing 4 inch heels then don't torture your feet to look ravishing for a day.  Pain is never attractive.

    Next, wear colors that compliment your skin tone and you hair color.  If you aren’t sure, ask a friend, or better yet a stranger.
    Choose dresses that compliment your body type, not the body of the model in the advertisement.

    Finally, choose a headpiece that suits your clothing and your face shape. This is where Maria Curcic Millinery can give you that award winning edge.  With over 25 years of millinery experience and a wide selection of styles and materials to choose from, I can find or design the right hat for you.

    Still unsure? Watch the wonderful documentary “Advanced Style”.  Get in the mood for a great day at the races.  See you there!

    Model is Stela Licina in blue hat.


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