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Rosé and Croquet 2022 at the Deane House Calgary in support of the YW

Hello friends, now that covid restrictions have been lifted in many places and we can be outside more, I have decided to once again help sponsor the Rosé and Croquet event at the Deane House in Calgary. Here are some details about the event, click the link:

If you want to style it up and look fabulous, why not do so with a unique headpiece/fascinator? I will be donating 30% of all online sales for this event from my webpage to

All my hats are handmade by me and only by me, sadly I have no minions to help me do all the hand sewing that I do! If you are interested in something unique, feel free to contact me. Help make this event amazing by showing your support and get yourself some tickets here!


All hats must be purchased by June 9th to allow shipping time.

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Back in the day

Back in the day: When I started my store in 1994, it was the most exciting thing ever. I began  with a concept and with a background in Interior Design, I wanted to make something special. I wanted a Cute little boutique with flare! So in 1994 I opened my shop in Inglewood in Calgary. My little hat store of its kind in years. I heard that there was once a hat shop ( women’s) back in the day, of course before my time! In those years to follow, I then moved to 17 AVE S.W., to which I began wholesaling my hats and fascinators to many boutiques across Canada and the US. This led to me closing my shop and moving forward with the production end of things.  After having a retail shop for 4 years, it was time to work from home and focus on the business from that point on. Over the years, I did pop-up shows in various venues across Calgary and in other cities. All the hats and headpieces were all produced by me and only me, no mass production involved. I really wanted to offer affordable and beautiful works of art to women who wanted something not made overseas. During this time I donated to many charities in Calgary and produced my own events with live music and silent auctions. To this day I still donate to charities by donating my hats and art to help those in need. I wanted to share this fun video we did with Shaw tv back in 2006, titled” hats off by Lara Hurrell Maria Curcic 2006 SHAW CALGARY”

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Bridgerton style all the way!

Who doesn’t love period shows? I know I do, I love the fabrics and the trims, I love the styles and the embellishments. Everything is like eating fine chocolate or drinking good champagne! The costuming on Bridgerton is divine! I love the top hats and all the headpieces in this show. I am just a fan of all period shows. The Great is also another one full of inspiring headpieces, the feathers, the lace and the beading. I wish I was part of this whole costuming series, but soon! If you are looking for something  Bridgerton styled then have a look at some of these hats and fascinators. You can style these up with all sorts of flouncy dresses and more! So have fun coming up with your own personal style and get inspired by some of these cool shows!

pink racing hat
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A new look to my website and more!

  • 2021 was definitely a very unusual time for MCM, with the whole world shutting down, it was hard to navigate the direction of the business. With events cancelled and seeing many small businesses close, one could only think of gloom and doom. A tough year for many small businesses like myself. BUT, with all this in mind , I never gave up! SO here I am sharing some of my big wins in 2021. The year gave me the opportunity to start designing my own fabrics and many of you do not know, but I am an artist too,, I started to incorporate my artistic skills into materials for the hats.
    2021 also saw :
  • A New Website Launch
    I was able to offer a much-improved shopping experience for my customers by launching a new website.
    Now you can search by the drop down menu in the Shop Collection section where I have listed all the items I sell.
  • Top Launches
    The Small accessories section bloomed. This includes jewelry like earrings and brooches as well as some scarves that are from my art and unique one of a kind purses.
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Bring on the Derby ladies: Some style tips for styling it up at the races

Derby anyone? What makes this day so fabulous other then watching the races you ask? Well, dressing part. I wanted to show off some headpieces that I make specifically for such events. These can be worn for the races as well as for weddings. Now that some restrictions are easing up here in BC ,its time to get back into the swing of life. Below are a few images to some of my favorite pieces. These are great for the Kentucky Derby, Queen’s plate or a wedding. This one is so stylish, don’t you think?  I love the use of the vintage flowers on it, the feathers and the  overall feel of this piece. If you want to feel glamorous this is it. Pair this up with a soft pastel layered tulle dress or something chic and elegant. Most of my headpieces are whimsical yet classic. If you want something made its best to contact me. I love this fascinator with this cute bow dress!


Have a look at this little number:

Blue boater style with beading,feathers and silk flowers

Its fully beaded in blue and gold beads on netting. Such a stylish boater and ready to wear. I love this piece for its color and style because it would pair this up so well with red!  It would suit a dress very similar to this style:

These are only a few examples, so go ahead and try out some dresses where you like to shop and then pick a hat. I prefer to get a hat or fascinator first and then search for the dress. I find it much easier than to just get the dress and then try to match the hat. Its up to you how you do it! Just have fun doing it!



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Winter is here!

Winter is here and Christmas has passed…The snow is falling and the sky is bright. What is a girl to do? Well, a girl has to stay creating so this girl did a wee shoot with some hats. The white one is a vintage fur and the others I made. Its fun to explore and play because that is what we have to do in these strange times. We seem to have lost sight of what its like to really be together in a group setting, is it me or have we forgotten how to socialize? YKES! Some of us have been forgotten, some of saw friendships have fade away and some of us made new ones. These are uncertain times, this we know…but  we just have to keep our heads up high and watch the snowflakes fall! On that note, enjoy the images and stay safe! Here is to a much more pleasant 2022! Much love and thank you all for your support! If you want something custom made let me know, happy to help!



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John Fluevog shoes Granville presents “Opulence” – Headwear by Maria Curcic -ONE DAY ONLY!

Burgundy and navy mini top hat with silk printed velvet band and vintage velvet flower


John Fluevog on Granville Street in Vancouver

Presents  a showcase of unique headwear by milliner Maria Curcic

 On Saturday November 20th, 2021

11:00 AM – 6:00 PM

John Fluevog Shoes

Please wear a face mask
“ Maria Curcic has more than 30 years’ experience as a milliner.  Each unique and eye-pleasing headpiece is designed using the finest materials and fabricated by Maria with a lasting attention to detail.  Having provided product to fashion boutiques across Canada for many years, Maria’s quality is recognized and respected.  

Today, Maria Curcic Millinery offers an online store for a global clientele. 


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The time is now!

Welcome back to reality! Wow, it has been a l long time since I have been here.  I have been working hard at this  new website! Juggling between  building the website and staying creative has been rather challenging feat. With a pandemic still looming over our heads, I am most certain many of us have began to explore our artistic natures. For some it’s been learning to sew, some are learning how to speak a new language and some of us are learning a new craft or instrument! This brings me to a new segment of my site coming very very soon! Come this Spring/Summer I will be offering online fascinator classes! I know, right?  This will be a one time fee you pay to watch a video that I have created, this video will have a time limit for you to finish your fascinator at your own pace. Once you have completed my class, you can show off what you made in our review section.  I will also include a small section of millinery materials that you can buy for your class as a package. I will also have other millinery materials on my site in limited runs. Since I am not a full blown shop of supplies, I will only offer unique finds for you to get your creative juices flowing, of course, the rest is up to you. I will provide a link  to one of my  suppliers with a  discount code for my class!

If you are interested in joining the online workshop when it is ready, please let me know by signing up or dropping me a hello!  In the meantime, keep smiling!

Small green beaded headpiece/fascinator

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Saturday May 9th a LIVE showcase of hats!

Before the whole isolation thing, I did a shoot with Kirstin. We sure had fun shooting, mostly to promote the fabulous hats. For those of you who do not know me, I have been making headwear for about 30 years now. All handmade with attention to detail. I sometimes wish I had workers to make them for me, but for me, this is all about the creative process. Enjoy the few hats LIVE on May 9th. Join Me Saturday May 9th at NOON Pacific Daylight Time on Facebook LIVE! You can go here or sign up to be part of this on eventbrite here Hope you can join me for this unique showcase of hats! the SECOND one will occur on instagram at 1:00 PM Pacific time. All you have to do is just follow me and see!

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Strange times with Covid-19

What a surreal time we are in, life as we know it will be changed forever. The good news is that it sure makes us appreciate what we have and what we now realize what we have taken for granted. I wish everyone health and happiness in the midst of all of this chaos. I hope you are all keeping sane by staying in touch with yourselves, your family and your friends. I want you all to be aware of the new possibilities in creativity. Learn a new language, draw, play an instrument, play with your pets and those of you who are parents, play with your kids.The way we will get through this is through creativity, love, and kindness an some dancing. I want you all to remember that you are not alone. This will pass and with it you will have learned new things. Take care of each other and stay positive as best as you can. Since the start of all this I have been making masks by request from friends and family. I guess with millinery skills it is like making small hats. I value my work and want you all to know that my masks are not for profit. I cover my time and materials and since millinery materials are what I am using, you know you will get a well made item. These masks are all handmade by me and each design is made in limited runs. Some of the hats I am making have masks to match, very strange look indeed…My design ideas stem from all of this, the one below is an example of this. Mask meets art…I created this mask as a message of hope…this unusual design was inspired by Alexander McQueen , a sign of the times. A client in Toronto purchased it, It inspired me to make similar designs, something to keep me creative. Its like a little face hat…of sorts…with flowers and red polka-dots…