Need assistance? Before picking up the phone, check out our answers to some of the most frequently asked questions below. If you can’t find the answer to your question here, contact us.


  1. How do I measure my head?

    Measuring your head is rather a simple task. Most of the hats and fascinators on this page do not require a head measurement unless the item specifies, so measuring is easy.

    • Grab a tape measure (preferably one that is flexible or use string and measure it after)

    • Measure around your head just above the ears and wrap it around the middle back of your head (the little bump at the back of your head)

    • Do this a few times and allow for hair allowance

    • Always leave room for your hair and comfort. Never buy something too small as you do not want a tight hat

    • Please feel free to Contact us for any questions

    • Please be advised that my mannequins are 21 inch headsize so the hats may look large on some.

    • HAT SIZING for custom goes like so:

    • S-M will fit up to 22 inches

    • M-L will fit up to 23 inches

    • L-XL will fit up to 24 inches

  2. If I sign up for the mailing list will I be spammed?

    I will only send emails for special offers, like sales or special occasion hats and so on.

  3. I love one of your cloche hats but would love it custom made for my small/large head.

    Yes! I will custom make for you, but keep in mind, trims and pricing for custom will not be the same as shown on the webpage .We can discuss that.

  4. How fast do you ship and why is shipping what it is?

    Shipping is based on the box size that the hats go into and to ensure the products safety it is sent with tracking.

  5. Why are all sales final?

    This is my policy. So please ASK questions if you are uncertain. This includes ALL CUSTOM ORDERS.

  6. How do I know you are legit?

    Read all my press pages. My business license is here: https://www.colwood.ca/discover-colwood/businesses/license-mariacurcic

  7. Is your hat store physical store as well?

    It is strictly online now. There was a physical store in 1994 thru 1996. Then we switched to wholesale only, now we are online but you are free to contact me and we can discuss a custom piece!

  8. What if the hat color does not match my outfit?

    All sales are final, please be advised that screen colors vary from each computer. If you need a swatch of the material, please contact us.

  9. Are all these handmade by you?

    Why yes they are! I will be adding products as I make them.

  10. Can I share your site and store on social media?

    YES! We encourage our hat lovers to share! On Instagram we are @hatgoddess ( I have a great story to share on that if you want to hear it one day!) and on facebook we are https://www.facebook.com/mariacurcicmillinery/ and on instagram @hatgoddess

  11. What are the hats made of?

    Silks, straws, sinamay, wool felts, fur felts, vintage and eco materials as well…as well as imported and vintage  trims from France and Italy as well as some purchases of materials in my travels.

  12. How soon will my item arrive?

    • If you are in Canada for example, an item coming from here (BRITISH COLUMBIA) will arrive in Toronto in about 7-10 days + and with Canada Post with tracking. The same applies to the U.S., due to COVID some items will take longer.

    • International will vary with each country. For shipping international please contact me.

  13. Do you offer promotional items?

    Yes! For example, I do a sale on fascinators around the holiday season to my clients that are on my facebook page and so on. If you want to be on the list of events and sales please subscribe!

  14. I have a special occasion coming up, can my hat be rushed?

    YES! Additional Shipping charges will be sent to you.

  15. I live in Victoria, British Columbia, can I come to your studio and get a hat made

    YES! However, you will require an appointment and there is a consultation fee which is refundable upon an order. I am a very private person with a lot of work to do. I block ,sew and trim all of the hats myself .most days are my workdays, 7 days a week. Please book appointment times. The reality of my studio is not at all what you think,I do not have staff, nor do I have retail hours. Each of my hats are unique. My studio is sometimes in a state of chaos, disorder and out of control ! I am just working to make beautiful hats amidst the chaos!

    Thank you for your kind understanding.

  16. Is there a difference between wool felt and fur felt???

    The differences  are in quality and durability. Wool hats may shrink over time and exposure to moisture. Fur felt hats generally block easier and feel much nicer than wool. It really is minor, there will be slight difference in price as fur felt costs more than wool felt. Fur felt also holds its shape better. I know many people buy wool felt but later buy a fur felt and notice the difference. It is personal choice. If I am covering a hat with fabrics, I prefer to use wool felt ,especially for headpieces and some hats. I usually specify.

  17. I have a big head, some of your hats say hat elastic, will this fit?

    The hat elastics will fit up to 23 inch headsize for most of my items. If you are unsure of anything, it is best to contact. Thank you

  18. I am going through chemo, what hats would fit me please.

    The hats that work best with hair loss are the sectional cloche styles. If they say sit low over the ears and  are the best as they have higher crowns. Some have measurements, but if you have a question please feel free to ask. I will also custom make, so please contact me and I will need measurements to make the perfect hat just for you!

  19. Do you combine shipping?

    Yes, see # 17

  20. Why are you showing all season hats?

    I am showing all season hats because my clients are everywhere with different climates.


    Want to take a simple beginner class? Here is how. Purchase your materials first. Courses will be via skype online if you live afar OR in person if you reside in Victoria BC. Material list will be sent. Its easy!, you get a Login link of the date of the class and there you go! Any other questions please contact me. Thanks! Cost is $120.00 per person, I offer group rates as well for 3-5.