Face mask in various prints

This unique Face mask for those who want a face mask but  do not want to blend in. This mask is 100% cotton with filter pocket with elastic for behind the ears. Mask is REUSABLE and made in Canada and NOT mass produced. Hand wash only in hot water, lay flat to dry or hang but not on the elastic. Wired nose for easy adjusting.
Please wash between each use! Do not scrub, leave in water, swish around then lay flat to dry.  Do not touch the front of the mask when removing your mask, please use the ties.

This mask is NOT a medical-grade mask. I do not make medical or health claims.

I WILL include one filter inside to be removed when washing.

Colors will vary with different screen resolutions.
LIMITED RUN on all these fun prints! PRINTS WILL VARY WHEN CUT!
One size fits most.



  • $35.00