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Bridgerton style all the way!

Who doesn’t love period shows? I know I do, I love the fabrics and the trims, I love the styles and the embellishments. Everything is like eating fine chocolate or drinking good champagne! The costuming on Bridgerton is divine! I love the top hats and all the headpieces in this show. I am just a fan of all period shows. The Great is also another one full of inspiring headpieces, the feathers, the lace and the beading. I wish I was part of this whole costuming series, but soon! If you are looking for something¬† Bridgerton styled then have a look at some of these hats and fascinators. You can style these up with all sorts of flouncy dresses and more! So have fun coming up with your own personal style and get inspired by some of these cool shows!

pink racing hat