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The time is now!

Welcome back to reality! Wow, it has been a l long time since I have been here.  I have been working hard at this  new website! Juggling between  building the website and staying creative has been rather challenging feat. With a pandemic still looming over our heads, I am most certain many of us have began to explore our artistic natures. For some it’s been learning to sew, some are learning how to speak a new language and some of us are learning a new craft or instrument! This brings me to a new segment of my site coming very very soon! Come this Spring/Summer I will be offering online fascinator classes! I know, right?  This will be a one time fee you pay to watch a video that I have created, this video will have a time limit for you to finish your fascinator at your own pace. Once you have completed my class, you can show off what you made in our review section.  I will also include a small section of millinery materials that you can buy for your class as a package. I will also have other millinery materials on my site in limited runs. Since I am not a full blown shop of supplies, I will only offer unique finds for you to get your creative juices flowing, of course, the rest is up to you. I will provide a link  to one of my  suppliers with a  discount code for my class!

If you are interested in joining the online workshop when it is ready, please let me know by signing up or dropping me a hello!  In the meantime, keep smiling!

Small green beaded headpiece/fascinator